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Hiring Diverse Professionals Can Help You Build World-Class Legal and Compliance Departments.

BarkerGilmore is unparalleled in its record of diversity recruiting.

One of the most effective ways to ensure a healthy, vibrant organization is by recruiting individuals of diverse backgrounds, life experiences and ways of thinking. When your staff is as diverse as the wide range of customers you serve and as the partners with whom you conduct business, you’re better equipped to understand your constituents and meet their needs.

Hiring diverse professionals can help you build world-class legal and compliance departments

BarkerGilmore is unparalleled in its record of diversity recruiting. For two decades, we've been nationally recognized for recruiting women and minorities to leadership positions for our clients. In fact, a recent audit of all placements made by BarkerGilmore over the past three years revealed that:



Fifty-three percent of BarkerGilmore placements were women.


Twenty-seven percent of BarkerGilmore placements were minorities.

When you work with BarkerGilmore, you can expect to be presented with a diverse selection of candidates—each one thoroughly evaluated and pre-qualified for the position. Searching for professionals from every heritage and viewpoint is integral to our way of doing business. 

BarkerGilmore have been exceptionally helpful in locating high quality candidates for the Corning Legal Department, especially women and minorities. BarkerGilmore was responsive and I received the kind of personal attention which I would not have expected to receive from a large firm.

Vince Hatton – Former SVP, General Counsel, Corning Inc.