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Turning Lawyers into Leaders and Developing Successors

We have all heard of the Peter Principle. One example of this is when in-house legal departments and law firms take highly skilled lawyers and make them managers and leaders of others. Unfortunately, building management and leadership skills is often overlooked in legal career development. This webinar will focus on the differences between leadership and management, how to teach management skills, and ways to help develop legal department leaders to establish a succession pipeline. Join two highly successful former GCs and business leaders, A.B. Cruz and Marla Persky, as they discuss their experiences, lessons learned, and practical tips for law department leadership development and succession planning.

January 13, 2021, 1-2pm Eastern


Marla Persky
Senior Advisor, BarkerGilmore
Former SVP, GC, and Corporate Secretary Boehringer Ingelheim USA

A.B. Cruz III
Senior Advisor, BarkerGilmore
Former SVP & Divisional GC, USAA
Former EVP, GC, Corporate Secretary, Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer, & PAC Chairman, Emergent BioSolutions, Inc.

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