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Think Like a CEO

Dan Clark | Corporate Counsel - September 4, 2018


Josh Beser went to law school because he was interested in the intersection between business and the law — but working in a law firm after graduation, he wasn’t getting that type of experience.

“Being at a firm, we only saw a small part of our clients’ life cycles, often at major inflection points typically during financing, merger and acquisitions, or crises,” Beser says. “I knew I wanted to learn more about the other 99 percent of what happened in these companies, and thought going in-house would be the best way to do that.”

Beser, now the general counsel and head of human resources at travel startup Away, says that at his previous in-house job he dabbled in different parts of the business but took a more active role in the business when he started working at Away.

“One of the best things about the role of a GC is that it’s extremely cross-functional by definition; having the ability to ...” To get the full story, click here.