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The Value Series: A ClariLegal interview with Audrey Rubin, Senior Advisor at BarkerGilmore and Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois College of Law

Cash Butler and Jeff Kruse | LegalBusinessWorld eMagazine - October 9, 2020


Cash Butler and I recently had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Audrey Rubin, a Senior Advisor in BarkerGilmore’s advisory and coaching division. Audrey is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois College of Law where she teaches “The Changing Business of Law,” she serves on the faculty of the Legal Lean Sigma Institute LLC, and she is a groundbreaking legal and business leader.

360 Degree Perspective

Audrey has a complete perspective on the topic of value in the delivery of legal services. She has served in a variety of key and influential roles throughout her illustrious career. She was the Vice President and COO of Aon Corporation’s Law and Compliance Department.

Audrey also served as the General Counsel and Vice President of Legal and Human resources for three other global companies: Orbitz Worldwide, Inc., Grant Thornton, and Apollo Travel Services, an affiliate of United Airlines. In those roles, Audrey was a purchaser of legal services from law firms and vendors but was also a provider of legal services to the companies’ internal business clients. Plus, Audrey has extensive experience delivering value as an outside provider of legal services. In her career, she has been the COO of two prominent law firms, Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP, and Butler, Rubin, Saltarelli & Boyd LLP.

Read the entire interview in online reader version here.