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Leverage the insights, experience, and best practices of our distinguished recruiting, legal, and compliance executives. Empower your legal and compliance leaders to be more effective and deliver greater value by gaining firsthand knowledge of how the most successful legal and compliance departments in the country are run.

When you hire BarkerGilmore’s Senior Advisors, you’re not just hiring an individual - but a collaborative team of high-performing, committed experts. Our vast network allows us to recruit the best candidates and enhance your legal and compliance departments with better performance, effectiveness, and profits. With insights, solutions, and expert knowledge from our industry leaders, your legal and compliance departments will be prepared to navigate and solve the most complex issues. We will help you do more with less.

Our consultants have faced - and successfully resolved - challenges like those you’re experiencing. BarkerGilmore not only brings you the finest talent from the outside, but our advisors help you to develop worthy successors on the inside. No other firm offers this unique combination of skills and expertise. It is our promise to deliver the high-level, sophisticated results you need to succeed.

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With insights, solutions and best practices from BarkerGilmore’s industry leaders, your legal and compliance departments will be prepared to navigate and solve the most complex issues. Our advisors leverage years of best practices to provide you with performance-improving strategies and the tools to implement them.

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Years of industry experience allows us to recruit the best leaders, transform legal and compliance departments by optimizing processes and talents, and create innovative solutions to reduce cost and drive revenue. Contact us today.

Michelle Banks

Former EVP, Global GC, Corporate Secretary & CCO

Gap Inc.

Mark LeHocky

Former SVP, GC & Corporate Secretary

Ross Stores, Inc.

Roya Behnia

Former SVP, GC & Corporate Secretary

Pall Corporation

Gjon Nivica

Former SVP & GC

Celanese Corporation

Cornell Boggs

Former EVP, GC & Corporate Secretary

Toys "R" Us

Haydee Ortiz Olinger

Former Global CCO

McDonald’s Corporation

Maureen Brundage

Former EVP, GC, Corporate Secretary
& Chief Ethics Officer

The Chubb Corporation

Marla Persky

Former SVP, GC & Corporate Secretary

Boehringer Ingelheim USA

Sabine Chalmers

Former CLO, Corporate Affairs
& Company Secretary

Anheuser Busch InBev

Helen Pudlin

Former EVP & GC

PNC Financial Services Group

Ann Harlan

Former VP, GC & Corporate Secretary

The J.M. Smucker Company

Bill Solomon

Former Group VP & GC

Ally Financial

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Today’s competitive corporate environment demands the best from legal executives, whether in Fortune 500, mid-sized, or private companies.  Legal leaders are expected to be members of the C-Suite and partners in the business, driving profit and success. Find out more about BarkerGilmore’s unique coaching services.

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