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Robert Barker

Managing Partner

Bob is co-founder and Managing Partner at BarkerGilmore. He brings more than three decades of executive search and international business experience to his clients. Bob has successfully managed General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer engagements for mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies including those in the financial, industrial, energy, healthcare, consumer, and technology industries. In addition, he has partnered with numerous Fortune 500 companies to build out their legal and compliance departments.

Bob has been instrumental in expanding BarkerGilmore’s services to include consulting, advising, and leadership development. Spanning across the United States, he has assembled a network of world-class General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers from the most highly respected public and private corporations. These experienced leaders are passionate about helping others to optimize their legal and compliance departments, lead more effectively and deliver a greater business impact.

Prior to founding the firm, Bob was the North American Sales Manager for the Imaging and Printing Group at Hewlett-Packard, where he achieved the highest recognition in the company and was awarded membership into HP's President’s Club.

Bob holds a bachelor’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is a strong advocate for diversity in the workplace and has been actively involved in the firm’s Women and Diversity Practice. His writing has been published in Corporate Board MemberCorporate Counsel and he has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal and numerous other media outlets.

John Gilmore

Managing Partner

John Gilmore is co-founder and Managing Partner at BarkerGilmore. With three decades of experience in executive search, he has managed the successful placement of General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers, and helped those leaders build their law departments and compliance organizations. John has a consistent track record of success with companies located nationwide and of all sizes, including Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies.

John is committed to helping his clients build strong and productive legal and compliance departments by taking into consideration a company’s current situation as well as its future needs. His unparalleled reputation in executive search and assessment led him to develop the CustomFit℠ process which is employed in every BarkerGilmore search. This innovative tool provides a powerful recruiting solution, and has resulted in candidate placement and diversity and retention rates well above industry average. John’s assessment clearly reveals the soft-skills not present on a candidate’s resume, but that are critical to candidate selection. Being able to determine the perfect cultural match alongside emotional intelligence and the ability to serve as a strategic, trusted advisor has been integral to his success.

Some of John’s recent placements include the General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and entire law department for a Fortune 500 insurance company; the General Counsel and lead M&A lawyer for a Fortune 500 global technology company; the Chief Compliance Officer for a Wall Street investment company; the General Counsel for an international health care provider; and the U.S. General Counsel for an international investment bank. 

John holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the State University of New York at Buffalo and is Hogan Certified for assessment. Considered an authority on succession planning, compensation, and employment trends for legal and compliance, his monthly articles are read by thousands of the top law firm and in-house lawyers in the country. He is often quoted in the press and his insights have appeared in numerous publications, including The Wall Street JournalUSA Today, and Corporate Board Member Magazine.