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Legal and Compliance Recruiters for the Industrial Sector

The industrial landscape is changing rapidly and brings with it significant challenges, as well as new and exciting opportunities for companies. Globalization, urbanization, multi-national trade agreements and shifts in consumer behavior mean that organizations are required to operate in completely new ways. In a reality where leadership teams are experiencing more complex and intense demands, the importance of placing the right professional in the right position has become truly crucial.

Legal and compliance leadership is one area that is posing significant challenges for all types of industrial operations. It takes uniquely qualified attorneys and compliance officers who possess specialized expertise to provide reliable guidance. A misstep in the hiring process can have severe consequences. For example, an attorney who is not familiar with a recent regulatory change could lead the company to make an uninformed judgment or decision that results in a costly violation.

BarkerGilmore: The Leading Attorney and Compliance Officer Recruiters for the Industrial Sector

The industrial companies with the best chance of avoiding potentially devastating hiring mistakes are the once who seek guidance from an expert — like BarkerGilmore. Our team of recruiting professionals has spent the past 15 years tracking the careers of the most talented compliance officers and attorneys that work in the industrial sector. Over time, we've fostered meaningful relationships with many of these individuals. Because of our networking prowess, many organizations turn to us for all their legal and compliance executive placement needs.

BarkerGilmore recognizes the complex environment in which manufacturing companies have to perform. Our consultants are very much aware of the specific needs of the industrial sector, and understand the positive impact hiring strong legal and compliance professionals may have on your organization’s general well-being. We have access to top executive talent and have successfully helped companies in the industrial sector identify and attract the best legal and compliance professionals.

We work with companies throughout the industrial world. If you're seeking talent in the following subsectors, consider partnering with BarkerGilmore:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Building materials
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Packaging and containers
  • Paper and forest products
  • Wholesale

BarkerGilmore is dedicated to using our trusted partnerships and reputation to help you find top talent for your open legal and compliance officer positions. As a boutique executive search firm in the U.S., we have the industry resources and connections that have led to unparalleled retention rates. Our search consultants will work with you to find talent that fits your business' needs and goals while helping you build unrivaled legal and compliance departments.

Experience the Numerous Benefits of Choosing BarkerGilmore as Compliance and Legal Recruiters for the Industrial Sector

We can offer several advantages over other attorney and compliance officer recruiters for the industrial sector:

  • Our 98% placement rate over the past three years is the envy of the industry
  • We get the job done quickly — our CCO and GC searches typically take 100 days or less, and we complete most compliance officer and specialist attorney searches within 90 days
  • Results of client satisfaction surveys give us an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 — that's an impressive 94% exceptional rating
  • 96% of the candidates we placed three years ago are still with the same company that hired them
  • Understanding that diversity is a top priority for our clients, we're pleased to state that 47% of our placements in 2019 consisted of women and minority candidates

Learn more about how BarkerGilmore can dramatically improve your company's legal and compliance officer search results. Contact us for additional information and a no-obligation quote today.


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