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Legal Recruiters for the Energy Industry

Energy companies are required to operate in an increasingly regulated environment and respond to ongoing demand from governmental and environmental organizations. Price instability, political volatility and the constant need for innovation means energy companies are required to operate under tremendous pressure. As the energy landscape continues to go through major changes, industry executives need to make sure they find the right individuals to lead their companies as they face new challenges and pursue new opportunities.

BarkerGilmore’s consultants understand the complexities associated with the ever-changing energy market. We know that an effective legal and compliance department can provide energy companies with the advantage necessary to become leaders in such a dynamic field. Our consultants recognize the specific needs of the energy sector, and will help you identify and attract the most suitable talent for your organization. 

BarkerGilmore is a boutique executive search firm dedicated exclusively to the placement of General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officers and their direct reports. We specialize in identifying and attracting senior-level talent, and our rigorous assessment process has resulted in unparalleled retention rates. Our consultants combine a unique blend of professional search and deep access to industry resources, and have successfully helped our clients build the strongest and most productive legal and compliance departments.


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