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Energy Industry

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Legal and Compliance Recruiters for the Energy Industry


Energy companies are required to operate in an increasingly regulated environment and respond to ongoing demand from governmental and environmental organizations. Price instability, political volatility and the constant need for innovation means energy companies are required to operate under tremendous pressure. As the energy landscape continues to go through major changes, industry executives need to make sure they find the right individuals to lead their companies as they face new challenges and pursue new opportunities.

Due to this increasingly regulated operating environment, energy companies must bolster their efforts to meet increasingly stringent compliance standards. Consequently, they must make recruiting highly qualified legal and compliance professionals a top priority. These individuals need to possess specialized expertise regarding the complex regulations — and stay abreast of the frequent changes and updates.

BarkerGilmore: Your Best Source for Attorney and Compliance Officer Recruitment for the Energy Industry

Many energy industry companies try — and fail — to hire qualified individuals for these mission-critical positions because they don't have reliable guidance. The BarkerGilmore team consists of experienced legal and compliance recruiters for the energy industry who can dramatically improve your search results. We possess years of specialized expertise that other executive search firms cannot replicate. Our process-driven approach ensures we will find the ideal candidates quickly and efficiency, saving you time and eliminating costly hiring mistakes.

BarkerGilmore’s consultants understand the complexities associated with the ever-changing energy market. We know that an effective legal and compliance department can provide energy companies with the advantage necessary to become leaders in such a dynamic field. Our consultants recognize the specific needs of the energy sector and will help you identify and attract the most suitable talent for your organization.

Due to our unique process, we can help your company find the best legal and compliance talent in the following energy industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewables
  • Utilities

As a boutique executive search firm, we don't rest until you have the right General Counsel or Chief Compliance Officer. We offer quality service and a high retention rate through our rigorous assessment process. Our talented consultants know how to identify a candidate that fits your company's needs and expectations. With their strong industry resources and trusted relationships, you can feel confident in choosing BarkerGilmore to help you build a strong legal and compliance department.

What Are the Benefits of Selecting Us as Compliance and Legal Recruiters for the Energy Industry?

BarkerGilmore offers a host of advantages over all the other energy industry legal and compliance recruiters:

  • Successful Outcomes: Over the past three years, our searches led to placements 98% of the time.
  • Effective Networking: A contributing factor to our placement success is our extensive list of industry contacts — we can find qualified individuals who aren't necessarily seeking a change but are willing to consider a new challenge.
  • Fast Placements: With some firms, it takes six months or more to fill an open position. At BarkerGilmore, we can deliver a qualified CCO or GC in 100 days or less and a compliance officer or specialist attorney within 90 days.
  • Excellent Retention Rate: Approximately 96% of our placements from three years ago still work for the same hiring firm.
  • High Client Satisfaction Rate: Our client satisfaction score is an impressive 4.7 out of 5.0. Many of our new clients come from referrals provided by those who have attained favorable results when working with our firm.
  • Candidate Diversity: In 2018, 55% of all our placements were women or minorities.

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