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Hiring Top In-House Legal Talent

The responsibilities of your legal team are growing, yet the law department budget is staying the same or even shrinking. Strong in-house legal counsel is in demand more than ever, and, in many ways, legal professionals have the job market on their side.

As a boutique recruitment search firm with a focus on placing in-house counsel and compliance officers, we're the legal recruiting firm you need on your side. Our proven record of success sets us apart from our global competitors who don't have the same niche expertise. When you work with us, you can put your trust into our large network, which will give you exceptional talent with top credentials, emotional intelligence and the ability to work closely with your executive team to be a strategic advisor. Our assessment of talent is fine-tuned to ensure that we find talent that will be successful for your company.

Top Legal Executive Recruitment Agency

You need to hire top in-house legal talent, including General Counsel and key law department staff, but when you don't use legal recruiting firms, it can take months to find qualified legal professionals. It takes even more time to assess legal candidates for leadership abilities and the best cultural fit for your company.

Our legal recruiting talent acquisition firm has the research tools and industry expertise to find your next General Counsel or corporate counsel in less than 100 days. By limiting our legal recruiting services to hiring in-house counsel, we can ensure we have access to the most accomplished attorneys and avoid wasting time sifting through the resumes of candidates who aren’t qualified.

We are the best legal recruiting organization for in-house positions. In fact, our results speak for themselves. In the past three years, we've boasted a 96 percent retention rate, and our client satisfaction score is 4.8 out of 5.0. Our corporate legal headhunters have placed in-house legal professionals with specific expertise in a variety of industries, including:

Improve Your Business Operation With Effective Legal Recruiting

In a global business environment that’s becoming increasingly complex, more executives value their General Counsel as a lead strategist. An exceptional General Counsel will have a deep understanding of ever-evolving legal obligations as well as the business objectives of your company. He or she must provide valuable insight into the intricacies of business operations, transactions, and other initiatives. Although the responsibilities and qualifications of General Counsel are unique to your organization, there are key characteristics all must have to be effective, and our attorney executive recruiters can recognize them through proven strategies and talent assessments.

With all of the challenges faced by the corporate legal department, you can’t afford to hire the wrong person. That’s why large multi-national companies and smaller organizations alike rely on BarkerGilmore to hire General Counsel. We work to find talent that will be successful for your company's unique needs.

No two General Counsel searches are treated alike. Every search our corporate lawyer recruiters undertake is tailored to meet the individual needs for each client.

A full assessment is completed for every General Counsel candidate, which evaluates:

  • Legal aptitude and experience
  • Ability to align with business priorities
  • Cultural fit and chemistry
  • Track record of performance in stressful situations
  • Leadership abilities
  • Motivation and passion for the position
  • Ethics and compliance capabilities

Staffing Your Legal Department Using Headhunters for Legal Executives

A General Counsel can only be successful if the surrounding team of lawyers is equally stellar. BarkerGilmore is the go-to source for top legal talent for some of the most successful General Counsel in the country, and all are willing to act as references.

Recent legal placements include:

  • Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
  • EVP, General Counsel, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
  • VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
  • General Counsel, Americas
  • Deputy General Counsel, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Division General Counsel
  • Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
  • Assistant General Counsel, Labor & Employment
  • Associate General Counsel, Corporate
  • Managing Counsel, Contracts
  • Senior Counsel
  • Corporate Secretary

Legal Counsel Recruiting

Every legal search begins with a big-picture perspective, nationwide reach, and a deeply personal commitment to our clients. And we provide client access to 98% of all top tier lawyers. See for yourself why there’s such loyalty from our clients, resulting in a recruiting experience second to none when you choose us over other legal executive placement firms.

Hire the Legal Leadership You Need

The need for a strong in-house legal counsel is in greater demand than ever. As a result, finding legal professionals for your business has also become more challenging, requiring you to invest more resources in the search process.

Recruiting top in-house legal talent, including General Counsel, Managing Counsel, Senior Counsel, and Interim General Counsel, could take you months, during which time your company may be in a real need for legal leadership. Additionally, the longer it takes to find and hire a General Counsel, the more exposed your business becomes to risk. That's why many top-tier businesses use headhunters and executive search firms for legal positions.

The benefits of using our in-house legal recruitment services include:

  • Saving time and being able to focus on your job
  • Finding the best candidates
  • Accessing talent you can rely on with an exceptional track record as law recruiters for corporations

One of our greatest strengths, which sets us apart from other in-house legal search firms, is our deep and diverse talent pool. Fifty-one percent of our placements were women in 2018, and 26 percent were minorities. We're committed to success, retention, diversity and customer satisfaction, and we want you to achieve those goals as well.

What Type of Legal Executive Recruitment Do We Offer?

Our top legal executive recruiters can assist with many positions, including:

Improve Your Business Operation With Effective Legal Recruiting

An exceptional General Counsel will have a deep understanding of the ever-evolving legal obligations and business objectives of your company. He or she must provide valuable insight into the intricacies of business operations, transactions and other initiatives. It's no wonder that a growing number of executives perceive their General Counsel as part of their strategic leadership team.

The kind of responsibility a legal counsel carries means you can’t afford to hire the wrong person by using the wrong in-house attorney recruiting firm. That’s why large multi-national companies, as well as growing mid-sized organizations, rely on BarkerGilmore. We have a profound understanding of the legal field and well-established relationships with industry leaders. BarkerGilmore also has a large talent pool with our access to 98% of all top tier lawyers, which ensures our success in finding the right legal talent by providing unprecedented access to the most distinguished General Counsel candidates.

By focusing our legal recruiting services on hiring in-house counsel, we ensure access to the most accomplished attorneys. Together with our powerful CustomFitSM assessment process and industry expertise, we are able to find your next General Counsel, Managing Counsel, Senior Counsel, or Interim General Counsel successfully and efficiently.

You could spend six months or more recruiting corporate counsel and assessing candidates for the right skills, or you could place your next in-house legal professional within 100 days when you use one of the top legal executive recruiters. Discover what sets our legal recruiting firm apart from others and contact us today to request a consultation.

Build Your Legal and Compliance Departments

Top performing leadership within legal and compliance departments is critical for success. BarkerGilmore is the most dependable resource for General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officers and their strategic hires.

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