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Chicago Legal and Compliance Officer Recruiters

When hiring an executive to join your Chicago-based company's legal or compliance team, it is essential to choose a well-qualified candidate who is also the ideal match for the unique culture of the organization. Using the right executive search firm will help you meet this goal. BarkerGilmore is a boutique talent acquisition firm with a network of recruiters who can find the right fit for any company.

BarkerGilmore employs a team of legal and compliance executive search consultants and leadership coaches. Our exclusive focus on niche recruiting areas allows us to deliver exceptional talent with top credentials in their field. As a leading legal and compliance search firm, we have built credibility and trust with our clients, which include Fortune 1000 companies and firms of all sizes across industries.

Why Partner With Our Compliance Officer Recruitment Search Firm in Chicago

As a boutique firm, BarkerGilmore brings specialized expertise to legal and compliance executive search and coaching process that most general recruiting firms cannot replicate. We have also developed an extensive network of the top legal and compliance professionals in many industries in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. This extensive candidate pool helps us find talented individuals faster than when a search is conducted in-house. Indeed, we typically complete General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer searches in 100 days or less and specialist attorney and compliance officer searches in under 90 days.

In addition, we have extensive experience recruiting, not only in Chicago, but in the Midwest as a whole. Our firm has a track record of determining candidates that make the best strategic business partners for clients in St. Louis, Columbus, and Kansas City.

What Makes BarkerGilmore Different From Other Legal Executive Search Firms

Our results set us apart from other executive search firms in Chicago. We have a history of success that speaks to our keen ability to assess what clients need, to find candidates who display the right experience, and to form strong relationships.

Our success rates include:

  • Completion: We complete 98% of the searches we begin.
  • Diversity: In 2018, 55% of all placements were diverse candidates.
  • Retention: Our retention rate over the past three years is 96%.
  • Satisfaction: Over a three-year period, our post-search client satisfaction survey has resulted in a 4.6 out of 5.0 satisfaction rating.

Our Compliance and Legal Recruiting Services

BarkerGilmore assists firms with recruiting General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Deputy General Counsel, Associate General Counsel, Assistant General Counsel, and Senior Counsel in Chicago and the Midwest. Our vast network locates diverse candidates across the country with top credentials who are employed as lawyers and compliance officers.

Our legal recruiting services include finding the best cultural fit for your company. We are also able to locate candidates with specialized legal expertise in areas such as intellectual property, labor and employment, taxation, and real estate. In-house counsels and other staff in the law department must also demonstrate leadership qualities and the ability to take quick and decisive action. Our extensive recruiting capabilities enable us to identify and recommend talented individuals who possess these characteristics.

Our compliance recruiting services focus on candidates who will protect your company from regulatory issues and fines. The right candidate helps safeguard your brand while regulating complex, evolving industry guidelines. They must reflect the integrity needed for compliance positions, be proactive and confident, and understand the responsibility that comes with holding their colleagues accountable.

Our Chicago Executive Search Advisory and Coaching Services

Many legal and compliance executives need guidance that cannot be received inside their organizations and ultimately look outside to seek the counsel of experienced executives who have faced the same questions now confronting their firm. For these cases, we offer advisory services from highly qualified, experienced consultants who have served in C-suite positions at Fortune 500 Companies. Each member of the BarkerGilmore Senior Advisor team will use their knowledge based on years of advising boards and executives to help you reach solutions to your most pressing issues.

While the aforementioned advisory services can help you navigate a current crisis, our coaching services help legal and compliance leaders learn how to avoid these situations in the future. Our coaches have decades of experience serving in legal and compliance roles. They understand the challenges of leadership and how to improve your skills. With their guidance, you can reach your potential as a leader and network with others who can assist you as well. Get insights from our trusted sources and strengthen your team with our expert advisory services.

How We Stand Out From the Competition

BarkerGilmore takes a unique approach to recruiting with our innovative CustomFitSM process. This carefully developed methodology consists of six stages that deliver consistent, predictable results for our clients. CustomFitSM ensures that we adhere to the highest standards during every phase of the search process, significantly increasing the likelihood of a successful placement.

We seek the best candidates in a large talent pool, not the best job seekers in a small talent pool. Most of the individuals we place are not actively looking for a new position but are open to exploring better opportunities. By removing the limits on our candidates, we help our clients save time and resources. We only pursue individuals who display the skills, interest, and gravitas needed to succeed in the position.

Furthermore, diversity is one of our top priorities. We seek to place women and minority candidates, helping companies achieve their goal of diversifying the workplace. Our mission to champion diverse candidates has attracted many successful retired Chief Compliance Officers and General Counsels to work with us, because they believe in the importance of our work.

Industries We Serve

Our legal counsel and compliance recruiting firm has assisted companies in many industries, including:

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