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Efforts to Retain Diverse Talent Should Permeate a Company

A.B. Cruz III & Taylor Powers  | Bloomberg Law - February 18, 2021


For companies to create a truly diverse and inclusive workplace, they must make diversity, inclusion and equity (DI&E) an integral part of most every structure, plan, policy, and procedure, according to BarkerGilmore’s A.B. Cruz III and Taylor Powers. It’s imperative companies dedicate the requisite time, attention, and resources over the long haul, including access to mentors, advocates, sponsors, and coaches.

The recruitment, retention, and advancement of diverse talent is a strategic imperative in corporate America—more so today than ever before. Companies need to attract, develop, and promote diverse talent with a heightened sense of purpose, vigor, and rigor, as it would with any other strategic imperative it was facing.

A recent study by BarkerGilmore found that lawyers who identify as Asian American or African American were least likely to aspire to become the general counsel at their current company. This finding begs some questions: What factors are causing these diverse attorneys to be less inclined to aspire to become the GC or chief legal officer at their companies—a position universally considered as one of the most coveted and prestigious roles within the legal and corporate sectors alike?