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CustomFitSM Recruiting Process

Our specialized and highly-effective CustomFitSM recruiting process ensures that our searches consistently adhere to the highest standards and result in successful placements.

Our ultimate goal is helping you hire in-house counsel or Compliance Officers that will contribute to your company’s success for years to come. The true value of our CustomFitSM process will become apparent with each year, as your new hire continues to thrive, help cultivate a healthy corporate environment and positively affect other employees’ performance. CustomFitSM enables us to tailor our search and identify candidates with the exact qualifications and skills that will advance your business success. No wonder that the retention rate of legal counsel and compliance professionals hired through our CustomFitSM process is the highest in the executive search industry.

CustomFit -- 6-Step Executive Search Process

The CustomFitSM process consists of six unique stages that together allow us to find the perfect candidate for your assignment:



We work with stakeholders to determine key attributes, including competencies, experience and personality traits, and uncover what will motivate the strongest in-house lawyers or Compliance Officers.


Based on our clients’ feedback, our consultants use their industry relationships and our unique search technology to form a comprehensive pool of candidates for the assignment.

Stage 3 - Marketing

Our consultants then approach qualified individuals and provide them with a detailed description that emphasizes the opportunity’s key selling points and most attractive features in order to generate further interest and excitement among potential candidates. 

Stage 4 - Assessment

We then employ sophisticated interview techniques and assessment tools to evaluate the behavioral traits, skill set, leadership abilities and cultural fit of top contenders. 

Stage 5 - Delivery and Onboarding

We deliver a final field of talent and direct the client through the interview process. Once a finalist is selected, we negotiate the offer and support both candidate and client through the onboarding process and every aspect of the transition. 

Stage - Satisfaction

Following the formal hire, we conduct a quality audit to ensure every aspect of the search exceeded our client’s expectations. We strive to maintain a relationship with both clients and candidates that would last long after the search has been completed. 

The most impressive thing about BarkerGilmore is their process to learn about a client’s culture, and the specific needs of the business. Learning about their approach as we vetted firms convinced us to engage their team, and seeing them execute the process to successfully complete our search would cause us to use them again in a heartbeat.

Matt Bertman – Director, Organizational & Leadership Development, Amerisure Insurance