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Turn to the Professionals at BarkerGilmore When Recruiting a Chief Compliance Officer

BarkerGilmore is a trusted boutique talent acquisition firm with recruiting professionals and a national reputation for successful Chief Compliance Officer placement. The CCO you choose will help you build the best compliance department possible, and with BarkerGilmore’s consulting, leadership development and recruiting expertise, you can secure the right fit for your organization.

In 2018, we completed 98% of all started searches successfully, and we are passionate about customer satisfaction. BarkerGilmore has helped find highly qualified Chief Compliance Officers for a variety of industries, including banking, education, healthcare, real estate, asset management / financial services, technology, energy and more.

Your Chief Compliance Officer Search Firm

Your decision to hire a CCO is time-sensitive. You need a strong compliance presence at your organization to prevent relationship damage, loss of reputation and possible regulatory penalties. Your Chief Compliance Officer can run your compliance department with strong business and decision-making skills. Waiting can cost you a great deal and cause you to lose out on the most talented CCOs, who are courted by the top firms in every industry. In a competitive market, you need to look for and retain the right professionals, and BarkerGilmore can help.

At BarkerGilmore, our experience means we understand what the right Chief Compliance Officer for your firm looks like. We start the process by evaluating your basic needs and finding candidates who meet them. We also find CCOs who:

  • Build compliance programs
  • Navigate inquiries and audits
  • Have an in-depth understanding of industry regulations and trends
  • Have extensive experience assessing risks
  • Show a proven track record of excellent and timely communication with regulators
  • Have strong leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Have relationship building skills necessary to obtain company-wide buy-in to the compliance program

Through careful evaluation, our professional headhunter team also finds CCOs who will be the right fit for your organization's culture and future plans. Our goal is not just to find you the leader for today but to find you the candidate who will guide you into a better tomorrow.

Our Chief Compliance Executive recruiters foster relationships with up-and-coming and established talent in various industries. This allows us to get to know top talent and to create insider knowledge about the passive candidate market. Our process, network and comprehensive assessment capabilities allow us to bring you highly trained and knowledgeable candidates who have high emotional intelligence and a passion for what they do.

The Benefits of Working With BarkerGilmore

BarkerGilmore offers professional recruitment services for Chief Compliance Officers. When your organization partners with us for your CCO search, you enjoy working with a boutique firm with proven results. Our successful placements and statistics speak for themselves:

  • Our clients are happy: 96% of the candidates BarkerGilmore has placed remain in the same corporate jobs today.
  • We embrace diversity: In 2018, 55% of our placements were women and minority candidates.
  • We deliver measurable results: Our search assessments following Compliance Executive placements have been uniformly positive.

Hire Chief Compliance Executives With BarkerGilmore

With stricter regulations across many industries, organizations today are competing for the top CCOs and working harder to retain top talent in this field. Chief Compliance Officer recruiting can impact the future of your company, so a successful search is imperative. To do that, you will need to have a strong strategy and an organized, aggressive recruitment campaign. BarkerGilmore can take a personalized approach to help you attract top talent.

Embrace Ethics and Compliance With C-Suite Placement

The person you hire as a Chief Compliance Officer will communicate with regulators, handle audits and define the culture at your organization. Working with the CEO and board, your CCO will create the standards for your employees and customers and help set the stage for ethical behavior which reduces your compliance risk.

The right CCO at your organization sends a message that your team is serious about compliance and risk and reflects the strategy and vision of your team. By hiring the right candidate, you can create a better culture and may even be able to attract additional top talent, since top candidates are always looking for ethical companies with strong leadership.

There’s a lot riding on your CCO. Find the right one with BarkerGilmore.

BarkerGilmore Has the Foundation for Your Right Hire

We’ve already nurtured the relationships and done the research and networking to find you the right professional. We have invested in the processes and recruitment systems to bring you the right talent for your compliance department.

At BarkerGilmore, we remove the work of long-term recruitment by providing an existing network for you to tap into. When you’re looking for a CCO, we can contact the most qualified compliance professionals and conduct assessments. Our reach allows us to find candidates traditional searches cannot contact, and our assessment and screening system ensure we bring you hand-selected short lists of candidates ready to take your organization into the future.

Our past clients rate our services highly, so if you are looking for a recruitment consultancy for your CCO search, you can count on us.

Recruiting Has Changed

The marketplace for CCOs has become more competitive, and old ways of recruiting simply do not work. If you place an ad for candidates, you may get thousands of replies, of which only a small selection are qualified. You may not even reach the top talent in your industry. To find the right C-suite executives for your compliance department, you need a team with access to the passive candidate pool. BarkerGilmore is your secret to the right hire.

Build Your Compliance Department

While a visionary and leader in the compliance department is essential, BarkerGilmore can also help you find top talent for your entire department. We have recently placed Chief Ethics Officers, Deputy Chief Compliance Officers, Vice Presidents of Compliance, Divisional Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Risk Officers and other professionals in this field.

To learn how we can help you find the right talent for your CCO position, contact us for a consultation.



Build Your Legal and Compliance Departments

Top performing leadership within legal and compliance departments is critical for success. BarkerGilmore is the most dependable resource for General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officers and their strategic hires.

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