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Protect Your Integrity With a World-Class Compliance Team.

Nationally trusted and respected in building the strongest In-house Compliance departments by delivering recruiting, consulting and leadership development solutions. Our niche expertise facilitates better performance within your corporate culture.

BarkerGilmore is a boutique recruitment search firm with a history of successful in-house counsel and compliance officer placement. We care about customer satisfaction, and our true differentiator is our successful numbers. In 2018 alone, we successfully completed 98 percent of all the searches we started.

Hire Compliance Officers Using the Best Executive Recruiting Organization

A lack of compliance comes at a high cost: a reputational loss with regulators, hefty monetary fines and damage to your relationships with customers. That’s why it’s crucial to have strong leadership at the helm of your compliance department. You need a competent compliance officer with an aptitude for management, and you needed to fill the position yesterday. Each day you wait to hire compliance officers is a day your competitors could be luring away top talent. In today’s tight compliance market, you need a proactive approach to recruit compliance professionals and retain them.

We stand out from other compliance executive search firms. BarkerGilmore understands you’re looking for leaders who:

  • Have the industry experience to understand business objectives and challenges
  • Build compliance programs by monitoring industry regulations and assessing risks
  • Confidently interact with regulators and respond to their requests in a timely manner
  • Are experienced at navigating audits and inquiries
  • Hold colleagues accountable

Additionally, our vast nationwide network of talent and various assessment capabilities help deliver candidates with top credentials and high emotional intelligence. We also maintain relationships with top talent throughout different industries, which will help whether you need someone for your energy company, healthcare business or another type of organization.

The Benefits of Using Our Compliance Recruitment Solutions

The best compliance executive recruiters understand that results provide the best testimonials. Other compliance recruitment agencies cannot match the outstanding results that we've achieved:

  • 96 percent of candidates placed by our compliance search firm remain in those corporate jobs today
  • 55 percent of candidates placed in 2018 were women and minorities, reflecting our exceptionally diverse talent pool
  • Consistently high post-compliance executive search assessments have been completed by our clients

Hire Chief Compliance Officers

Manage Compliance and Ethics From the Top Down

Your Chief Compliance Officer works with the board and CEO to set the tone for a culture of compliance and ethical behavior. You need a respected compliance leader who sets the standards and communicates them to regulators, employees and customers.

Competition is fierce for highly qualified CCOs, and companies are being diligent to retain their leaders. A successful CCO search requires an organized, proactive campaign, which touches all of the industry leaders. Recruiting Chief Compliance Officers begins with a decisive message about the commitment and strategy of the leadership team. Top talent is always attracted to companies placing a high priority on compliance and risk.

As one of the top compliance executive search firms, BarkerGilmore has made significant investments in establishing the relationships necessary to guarantee that our headhunters deliver the perfect CCO for every search. We tap into well-established networks across the country, communicate the opportunities to qualified compliance candidates and conduct a thorough assessment that consistently delivers only the compliance professionals who are the best fit for your company.

Recent CCO searches include*:

  • Fortune 500 insurance company
  • Fortune 500 industrial corporation
  • Global investment management firm
  • Leading mutual fund company
  • Major consumer bank
  • Tier one mortgage origination company
  • Broker dealer for international investment company
  • Top-ranked mortgage servicing company

*Customer satisfaction is paramount to our firm. All clients are willing to act as references.

The marketplace for CCOs has changed, and so should the search process used by compliance executive job search firms. Our clients are willing to act as references for our value, customer service and results, which means you can trust us for top results from our compliance headhunters.

Build Your Compliance Department With Our Recruitment Solutions

A Chief Compliance Officer is only as good as the team they manage. BarkerGilmore is the most dependable resource for a Chief Compliance Officer building a leadership team.

Discover best practices in compliance from our global professionals.

Recent compliance department placements include*:

  • Deputy Chief Compliance Officer
  • Divisional Chief Compliance Officer
  • Vice President of Compliance
  • Director of Compliance
  • Senior Manager of Compliance
  • Chief Ethics Officer

*A wide variety of titles exist within compliance departments, depending on scope of responsibility, corporate organization, and the size of the department.

You can’t afford to wait to build an effective compliance department. Choose BarkerGilmore for success, retention, diversity and customer satisfaction that sets us apart from our global competitors.

Compliance Officer Recruiting

Every Compliance search begins with a big-picture perspective, nationwide reach, and a deeply personal commitment to our clients. We provide client access to 98% of all top tier compliance officers. See for yourself why there’s such loyalty from our clients, resulting in a recruiting experience second to none.

What Services Can Our Compliance Recruiting Team Provide?

We offer compliance recruiting for a wide range of positions, including:

Our exclusive focus has led to our success in becoming the number one legal and compliance search firm in the country. We have created a brand of being the most credible and trustworthy executive search firm. Another one of our priorities is diversity. When you work with us, you can expect to experience our commitment to the advancement of others.

Protect and Manage Your Organization’s Integrity With Recruitment for Compliance Professionals

Failing to consider compliance requirements as an integral part of your business operations can come at a high cost: a negative impact on your relationships with customers, hefty monetary fines and a damaged reputation in the eyes of regulators.

This is why it’s crucial to have strong leadership at the helm of your compliance department. The appropriate compliance professional can help you manage the regulatory challenges your business will inevitably face, and will guarantee the integrity of your organization.

Let Our Compliance Recruiters Find a Vital Addition to Your Leadership Team

Chief Compliance Officers work with the board and CEO to form a culture of compliance and ethical behavior. A compliance leader sets the highest standards for the company and communicates them to regulators, employees and customers.

Competition is fierce for highly-qualified Chief Compliance Officers, Compliance Officers, and Interim Chief Compliance Officers, and companies do everything in their power to retain their leaders. In today’s tight compliance market, you need a proactive approach to not only recruit compliance professionals, but also to keep them. Recruitment for compliance professionals is competitive.

Recruiting a Chief Compliance Officer begins with a decisive message about a company’s commitment to high leadership standards. Top compliance talent perceive themselves as leaders whose role is to help shape the organization. As such, a successful recruiting campaign should emphasize the leadership function of their role.

Our access to a national network of compliance professionals allows us to communicate placement opportunities to a highly-qualified pool of candidates, and our advanced CustomFitSM assessment process has resulted in exceptional candidate fit and retention rates.

Build Your Legal and Compliance Departments

Top performing leadership within legal and compliance departments is critical for success. BarkerGilmore is the most dependable resource for General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officers and their strategic hires.

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