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Succession Planning is an Investment in the Future of the Legal Department – and the Future of the Company.

Today’s fast-churning, highly competitive business world demands that the most skilled legal executive lead the law department and act as a strategic advisor to the CEO, Board, and C-suite. This imperative creates an urgency for companies to select, develop, and support a strategic General Counsel.

Benefits of Engaging BarkerGilmore to Help Develop and Implement Your Succession Plan

BarkerGilmore’s team includes the unmatched combination of distinguished General Counsel, CCOs, board members, and executive search consultants, all possessing the requisite experience and battle-tested insights to advise you in, and guide you through, the development of a strategic and effective succession plan.

Having served as consultants to Fortune 500, mid-size, and regional companies alike with legal departments consisting of one lawyer to 100+, they understand the complexities of General Counsel succession planning and are available to help you navigate the process and its dynamic challenges. Moreover, they bring objectivity and the ability to remain impartial to the decision-making process. This combination ensures the thorough development and successful implementation of a succession strategy that meets your organization’s unique needs and will move both the legal department and the company to new levels of success.

The Succession Planning Consultation Process

Our consultants begin by meeting with key stakeholders to evaluate the organization and its needs. They create the ideal General Counsel profile, identify and assess internal talent, and formulate leadership development plans to help prospective successors succeed. The consultants then provide their coveted blend of coaching and mentoring to encourage, advance, polish, and perfect internal succession candidates and help them reach their full potential.

Our consultants can provide either a full-scale review or any of the following services:

  • Develop future General Counsel profile
  • Assess leadership skills of internal talent
  • Create customized development plans
  • Provide executive coaching from experienced GCs
  • Conduct an organizational structure review

The Successor Selection Process

Selecting the ultimate General Counsel successor is arguably the most important phase in succession planning. Leveraging BarkerGilmore’s proprietary CustomFitSM process, our consultants can benchmark internal talent against talent available externally. We then employ sophisticated interview techniques and assessment tools to evaluate the behavioral traits, skill set, leadership capabilities, and cultural fit for each General Counsel candidate. Written assessments for top contenders are presented for consideration, and support is provided throughout the interview process.

The following steps are crucial to selecting the ideal General Counsel successor:

  • Recruit external talent to benchmark internal talent
  • Interview and assess internal and external talent
  • Select a finalist, negotiate the offer, and acceptance

Onboarding Support

While the ultimate successor is transitioning into their new role, they can benefit from the knowledge and insights of our seasoned General Counsel consultants. This personalized support from esteemed veterans shortens the time it takes the new executive to deliver results, improve value to the organization, and ensure long-term success. Benefits of transition support can include:

  • Accelerate value-add to the organization
  • Enhanced relationships with the CEO, C-suite, and board
  • Receive actionable and best-practice advice
  • Increase departmental efficiency and effectiveness

Contact us today to find out more about how BarkerGilmore and its team of consultants can assist your organization in the General Counsel succession process.

Additional Insights

For additional insights on succession planning and leadership development, visit the library of materials from our 2020 General Counsel Succession Series:

Build Your Legal and Compliance Departments

Top performing leadership within legal and compliance departments is critical for success. BarkerGilmore is the most dependable resource for General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officers and their strategic hires.

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