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Coaching is recognized as one of the most powerful tools for improving long-term performance and boosting profits for organizations.  Because of that, Fortune 500 companies have long engaged executive coaches for their General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officers, and promising future leaders.

What sets our coaching services apart from the rest is simple:  our advisors have walked in your shoes.  As executive coaches, professional mentors, and advisors, they are able to leverage their decades of experience because they have successfully held the same role as you. Traditional executive coaches only ask thought-provoking questions; ours give time-tested advice and transition their knowledge to you.

BarkerGilmore advisors understand first-hand the challenges and issues you face on both a daily and long-term basis as you strive to not only grow as a leader, but as you take responsibility for your professional development and build and refine your relationships with the CEO, the Board, and other executives. Serving as non-judgmental coaches, our advisors can help you reach your potential. As former leaders in Fortune 500 companies, they are ready to share their best practices from the lessons they learned in their roles. You can trust them to keep information strictly confidential while they work closely with you to brainstorm ideas, offer suggestions, and help you develop solutions. Outside of the company, our coaches can leverage existing relationships and make introductions to expand your network.

There are numerous situations where working with our executive coaches can help you gain confidence including:  joining a new company, being promoted to a new role, expanding your scope of work, preparing for your next career stage, merging with or acquiring a company, taking your company public, private or global, and convincing a CEO or Board to do the right thing. They also offer guidance on leadership development, building a better team, and strengthening relationships with the C-Suite and Board.

Our distinguished GC and CCO executive coaches are former legal and compliance leaders who have the insight, empathy, and experience to help you take your career to the next level.

“BarkerGilmore’s advisor was very useful, always on point, and did an excellent job. Also had a great Rolodex, which was so helpful. Super useful in so many ways and helped me think about things in different ways. Very knowledgeable and a joy to work with.”   -  EVP, GC, CCO & Corporate Secretary



Vice President, Associate General Counsel

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Today’s competitive corporate environment demands the best from legal executives, whether in Fortune 500, mid-sized, or private companies.  Legal leaders are expected to be members of the C-Suite and partners in the business, driving profit and success. Find out more about BarkerGilmore’s unique coaching services.

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