Using EQ as a Predictor of In-House Counsel Success

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What To Look For When Choosing a Legal Recruiting Firm

If there is one factor that will have more impact on your organization in the next five years than anything else, it’s the quality of the people, especially those at the top.

With GC and CCO turnover becoming increasingly common and human resources professionals feeling the pressure of managing high-level searches while juggling their other responsibilities, more hiring managers and companies are turning to specialized executive recruiting firms.

If your company is looking for outside assistance to identify and hire in-house legal counsel, General Counsel, or Compliance Officer, the firm you select is just as critical as the person you ultimately hire.

Here are five factors to consider when choosing a legal recruiting firm.


Legal Recruiting: 5 Questions You Can’t Forget to Ask

We’ve all heard that hiring the wrong person is an expensive mistake, but what does it really cost your company? It could be as much as twice the person’s salary, according to estimates from the Society for Human Resource Management. For top corporate counsel, it could be even higher. And that’s factoring in only the costs of replacement and turnover, not the costs of bad decisions the wrong hire may make with serious consequences.

Unfortunately, many talented human resource professionals struggle with legal recruiting because these positions don’t open up as frequently as others.

They may find themselves in unfamiliar territory, unsure of what questions to ask during interviews.

Here are five questions you may have forgotten to ask your last candidate, why they’re important and what you’ll hope to hear.


Legal Recruiting: 3 Unconventional Ways to Source Candidates

For human resource managers, sourcing qualified legal candidates can be a challenging first step in an arduous process to identify top lawyers who are the best fit for their organization’s in-house law department. Traditional methods of posting job openings may work fine for some positions, but legal recruiting is different. Recruiting candidates at this level requires hiring managers to go beyond traditional sources. While LinkedIn can be an effective tool for researching candidates, it shouldn’t be a stand-alone sourcing strategy.

If you need inspiration for some new tactics, here are three unconventional ways to recruit legal candidates.


3 Legal Recruiting Predictions For 2015

The beginning of the year is often a time for planning and setting priorities. It can also be a time of transition as new promotions take effect and employees re-evaluate their own priorities, sometimes even tendering unexpected resignations.

While only time will tell what’s ahead for your company, our staff strives to take an eagle’s eye view of law department staffing to see what’s likely on the horizon. We do this by staying in close contact with clients we’ve worked with over more than 25 years, attending industry events and maintaining good ties with professional organizations. Here’s our legal recruiting predictions your company will need to know for 2015.


Recruiting Corporate Counsel: Standing Out in a Changing Job Market

Hiring corporate counsel in 2014 became exceedingly competitive as law departments battled for the most qualified candidates among a dwindling stack. Forty-three percent of law departments said they planned to hire in-house counsel in the coming year, according to a 2014 Altman Weil Chief Legal Officer Survey. Yet a significant percentage of law departments have reported difficulty finding qualified legal professionals for the job.

The rising demand for high-quality candidates is just one of several industry trends reshaping the legal landscape for 2015. If your company wants to become a contender in this new arena, you must not only understand what factors are influencing market change, but also how to use those factors to stand out to top performers. 

Here are three factors we are certain will impact companies in the coming year.


Legal Recruiting: The Most Common Interviewing Mistakes

Much has been written about cringe-worthy mistakes candidates make while interviewing, so it’s easy to forget even the most experienced interviewers aren’t immune from error themselves.

This is particularly true when interviewing a legal or compliance candidate. Many companies have only a few legal or compliance professionals on staff, so the need to hire them may arise only once every few years.

These professionals have the responsibility of protecting the integrity of your company, so the process for evaluating them must be rigorous. Using the same approach you use to hire the sales staff won’t yield the results you need. The job responsibilities are vastly different, so the assessment process must be tailored accordingly.


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