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Sharing Career GC Insights Is My Next Chapter


I retired a few years ago as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Boehringer Ingelheim USA. Before that I was Global General Counsel for Baxter International, and spent close to 20 years as part of Baxter in both legal and business roles. 

Though I started my legal career as an associate with a law firm, it didn’t take me long to realize that being a part of an effective in-house team, and ultimately part of senior management at a global enterprise, would be the source of greatest professional satisfaction for me. Therefore, I was very fortunate to spend the majority of the last 30 years operating in business environments which enabled me to acquire the skills needed to help companies use the law as a sword and a shield to achieve business goals. 

That is why I am so excited to be part of BarkerGilmore’s Advising & Coaching team. From my first conversations with Bob Barker, it struck me that this could be the perfect way for me, and others like me, to share what we’ve learned with in-house legal and compliance departments.

I look forward to coaching in-house attorneys in how to be welcomed as strategic advisors to and integral members of business teams. Additionally, I will work with new GCs as they transition into their roles and establish strong, value based legal departments. I am particularly passionate about diversifying the legal profession by helping women and attorneys of color succeed at the highest levels of their organizations.

To that end, I will help GCs build effective teams and productive relationships both inside and out of the legal department. I hope to help general counsel lead cross-functional teams, effectively contribute as members of the C-Suite, and represent their companies before a variety of constituents in their community, industry and profession. 

The pace of business today, as well as the rate of change most industries are experiencing, absolutely demand that general counsel build a multi-faceted network that helps amplify and continually grow personal and collective thought leadership. No person or team can do it alone, and the most effective networks do not happen accidentally; they require thoughtful, intentional leadership, and inspired talent unfettered by needless bureaucracy. I look forward to helping from both the GC and Legal Department team perspectives. 

You will hear more from BarkerGilmore about the launch of their Advising & Coaching practice. I look forward to being a part of that practice and working with talented and dedicated individuals and teams to develop into more effective contributors, while simultaneously achieving professional success and satisfaction.

Please reach out to me directly to discuss my ability to support your personal goals and add value to your law department. I can be reached on 585.598.6562 and mpersky@barkergilmore.com.


Marla Persky is part of the newly assembled team of 12 esteemed former General Counsel (GC) and Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) that have joined BarkerGilmore as a strategic expansion to offer Advising and Coaching services. 

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