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(May 8, 2017) BarkerGilmore, a New York-based boutique executive search firm specializing in building corporate legal and compliance teams from the top down, announced a strategic expansion of its firm to include a team of 12 esteemed former general counsel (GC) and chief compliance officers (CCOs). This team, many of whom have served in Fortune 500 companies, will provide advising and leadership development services, complementing the company’s core recruiting business. These consultants provide BarkerGilmore clients access to experience that enables them to optimize their organizations and accelerate profits.

The distinguished professionals providing BarkerGilmore’s coaching and advising services bring decades of experience as executives within some of the largest and most respected corporations in the country. Having faced and successfully resolved challenges like those facing today’s CEOs, boards, GCs, and CCOs, these consultants are uniquely qualified to provide practical, actionable insights that apply to a broad range of topics and industries. 

BarkerGilmore’s consulting team includes:

Michelle Banks

Former EVP, Global GC, Corporate Secretary and CCO, Gap Inc. 

Roya Behnia

Former SVP, GC and Corporate Secretary, Pall Corporation 

Frank Fernandez

Former EVP, Secretary and GC, The Home Depot, Inc.

Ann Harlan

Former VP, GC and Corporate Secretary, The J. M. Smucker Company 

Vince Hatton

Former SVP, GC, of Corning Incorporated 

Mark LeHocky

Former SVP, GC and Corporate Secretary, Ross Stores, Inc.

Bill Morelli

Former EVP and GC, Ingram Industries Inc.

Marla Persky

Former SVP, GC and Corporate Secretary, Boehringer Ingelheim USA 

Helen Pudlin

Former EVP and General Counsel, PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Tom Smith

Former Chief Compliance Officer, Oaktree Capital Management 

Bill Solomon

Former Group Vice President and General Counsel, Ally Financial Inc.

Gary Van Graafeiland

Former SVP and GC, Eastman Kodak Company 

Robert Barker, Managing Partner of BarkerGilmore, sees a powerful synergy between this team and the firm’s clients. “Each member of our team is motivated by a profound passion to help others succeed. Together we’re helping clients make better decisions, lead more effectively, and deliver greater business impact.”

Some of the topics this new team of senior advisors will focus on include legal and compliance organizational structure, corporate governance and the secretary function, executive coaching, leadership for women and diverse talent, effective reporting to the CEO and board, succession planning and talent assessment, building high performance teams, compliance and ethics programs and functions, business alignment, and change management and culture transformation. The former GC and CCOs on this team will also advise on unique challenges experienced by individual clients.

John Gilmore, Managing Partner of BarkerGilmore, sees the unique perspective of the consultants as a significant value to today’s corporations. “This is essentially the ultimate legal and compliance dream team – a group of exceptional people with impressive track records. Having this level of access to expertise is unheard-of,” he said. “Executives and boards today are dealing with very complex, rapidly evolving issues and challenges, and no one is more capable of providing substantive guidance than those who’ve experienced the same and, in the process, fulfilled the directives of their organizations.”

About BarkerGilmore 

BarkerGilmore is a boutique firm of distinguished consultants recognized by CEOs, boards, and executives as best-in-class legal and compliance executive search consultants, GC/CCO advisors, and leadership coaches. BarkerGilmore delivers an exceptional experience, resulting in unrivaled client retention rates. The company offers access to the very best legal and compliance talent nationwide, a concierge service mentality, and a customized value proposition worth investigating.

This press release originally appeared on Newswire.

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