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How to Determine if a Company is the Right Culture Fit For You

Fostering a Culture of Collaboration and Inclusion in the Digital Era

How to Determine if a Candidate is the Right Culture Fit

8 Trends for Fortune 500 General Counsel Appointments in 2020

Closing the Aspirational Gap: Study Finds Women and Men Aspire to Become GCs at Similar Rates

Top 5 Moves to Become a General Counsel

Insights: The Remote Legal Department

4 Steps to Creating a GC Succession Plan

How to Describe Your Company Culture to Attract the Right Candidates

General Counsel Compensation: A Deep Dive

A Commentary on the GC’s Expanded Role

Clear the Path to Your Own Success: Three Ways Women Lawyers Can Overcome Reluctance to Self-Advocate in the Workplace

Insights into the Role of the Modern GC and Succession

Study Finds CEOs Want More from Their GCs. How Should GCs Respond?

Selecting the Best In-House Counsel Recruitment Firm

Working with a Recruiter: In the End, Trust is a Must

The Top Ways GCs are Adapting and Reacting to the Pandemic

Meet Senior Advisor, Noah Hanft, former General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Chief Franchise Officer for MasterCard Worldwide

Top Trends for Healthcare & Life Sciences In-House Counsel Compensation

7 Trends for Fortune 500 General Counsel Appointments in 2019

Meet Senior Advisor, Michael Williams, Former EVP, CLO and Secretary of Staples, Inc.

6 Tips to Prepare for Your Performance Review

The 7 Secrets to Keeping Legal Talent Engaged

Strategies for Paying and Retaining Top General Counsel: Webinar Recording

Benchmarking General Counsel Compensation

Best Practices for General Counsel Succession Planning

Diversity Drives Business Performance

The Compliance Officer’s Guide to 2019 Compensation Trends

Hiring Compliance Officers: Five Things to Ask Every Candidate

Do You Have "The Right Stuff?"

Top 2019 Trends for In-House Counsel Compensation

Reaching Past Inclusion

Benefits of Executive Coaching, Mentoring, and Advising: Webinar Recording

Four Steps to Optimize Your Legal Department

Most Unreasonable Expectations Placed on Legal Departments

Top Seven Skills Required by Direct Reports to the General Counsel

Contemplating a Critical Legal Operations Hire? Look for These Six Personality Traits in an Ideal Candidate

The General Counsel Interview – Tips to Get to the Finish Line

On Becoming CCO

The Rise of the GC: Recruiting and Paying Your Top Legal Talent: Webinar Recording

Experience The GC & CCO Advantage: Meet Gjon Nivica, Jr., former SVP and General Counsel of Celanese Corporation

Seven Important Selection Criteria for Hiring In-House Counsel

Experience The GC & CCO Advantage: Meet Marla Persky, former SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Boehringer Ingelheim USA

Compensation Climbs 6.7% for Top Legal Officers

Thirteen Favorite In-House Counsel Interview Questions

Experience The GC & CCO Advantage: Meet Cornell Boggs, former Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Toys “R” Us

Five Key Gaps in General Counsel Succession Planning

General Counsel Succession — Hear From Three General Counsel Who Got It Right: Webinar Recording

Experience The GC & CCO Advantage: Meet Michelle Banks, Former Global General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, and CCO of Gap Inc.

Top Seven Mistakes Made by Compliance Officers

Experience The GC & CCO Advantage Firsthand: Ann Harlan, Former Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of The J.M. Smucker Company

Top Six Trends for Compliance Officer Compensation in 2018

Experience The GC & CCO Advantage: Meet Roya Behnia, Former Pall Corporation’s Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Maintaining an Effective Compliance Program: Webinar Recording

Top Six Trends for In-House Counsel Compensation in 2018

Experience The GC & CCO Advantage: Meet Maureen Brundage, Former EVP, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & Chief Ethics Officer of The Chubb Corporation

What to Look for When Hiring A-List Players

Four Reasons Lawyers Fail To Be Viewed As Strategic Advisors

Experience The GC & CCO Advantage: Meet Senior Advisor Bill Morelli, Former Ingram Industries GC

2018 Compliance Compensation Report

2018 In-House Counsel Compensation Report

CCO Retention: Still Not All About the Money

Executive Coaching for Legal & Compliance Leaders: Webinar Recording

In Case You Missed It: 14 Top Mistakes Made by New In-House Counsel

Experience The GC & CCO Advantage: Meet Advisor Helen Pudlin, Former PNC Financial Services Group’s EVP and General Counsel

How to Evaluate the Metrics for Your Search Firm

BarkerGilmore Adds Former Dow Corning SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary to Legal Advisory Division

Three Steps to Building a High Performance Legal Team

Experience The GC & CCO Advantage: Meet Advisor William Solomon, Jr., Former Ally Financial GC

Effective Reporting to the CEO: Webinar Recording

Experience The GC & CCO Advantage: Meet Advisor Haydee Olinger, Former McDonald’s Global CCO

Seven Steps to Increasing Your EQ

Legal Assessments Benefit the Bottom Line

Interviewing General Counsel - Twelve Essential Questions to Ask

12 Ridiculous Things Lawyers Did on Interviews

BarkerGilmore Adds Former Celanese Senior Vice President and General Counsel to Legal Advisory Division

Power of the Strategic CCO - Beyond the 7 Elements

General Counsel Pay Trends: Webinar Recording

Compensation Climbs 4% in 2016 for Top Legal Officers

BarkerGilmore Adds Former Anheuser-Busch InBev General Counsel to Roster

Former McDonald's Global Chief Compliance Officer Joins BarkerGilmore

Four Tools to Focus Lawyers on Better Serving the Business

How to Succeed at Succession Planning: 3 Key Steps

The Importance of Building and Leading High Performance Legal Teams

Why You Need a Legal Department Assessment

Maureen Brundage, Former EVP, General Counsel of Chubb, Joins BarkerGilmore

Research Shows CEOs and Boards Prefer Boutique Legal Executive Search Firms

Four Steps GCs Take to Ensure Data Privacy and Security

3 Key Ways to Reduce Legal Costs Through Competition

How Does Your In-House Counsel Compensation Compare?

Setting a Strategic Direction For Your Corporate Legal Department

The Importance of Courage for In-House Counsel

The Most Revealing Interview Question

Sharing Career GC Insights Is My Next Chapter

12 Distinguished GCs and CCOs Join BarkerGilmore Executive Search Firm

The Rise Of The Consumer Products CCO

7 Keys Propelling General Counsel to Success

The General Counsel as Chief Executive

Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Working With Global Search Firms

14 Top Mistakes Made by New In-house Counsel

6 Tips for Interviewing In-House Counsel

5 Tips for Selecting the Right CCO Candidate

Using EQ as a Predictor of In-House Counsel Success

Top Reasons to Consider a Specialty Boutique Search Firm

Building an Effective Corporate Compliance Department

Where Are the Good Associates for In-House Counsel Jobs?

How to Determine the Right GC Compensation

How to Find and Attract the Right GC Candidate – Part 2 of 2

How to Find and Attract the Right GC Candidate – Part 1 of 2

A Roadmap for Effective GC Succession Planning

Charting Your Career Path to GC

Top Five Tips for Assessing In-House Counsel

What Color is Your In-House Parachute?

Survey Says: 5 Areas Where General Counsel Will Have the Most Impact in 2020

Survey Says: Legal Competence Not What Matters Most in a General Counsel

Can Your Salary Strategy Compete in the High-Stakes Arena of General Counsel Hiring?

Maximize the Impact of Your Compliance Department

Aspiring to General Counsel? Make Sure You’re Doing These 4 Things

Choosing a General Counsel Is a Business Decision, Plain and Simple. (If Only Finding the Right One Were That Simple.)

Searching for a new General Counsel? 4 Steps to a More Focused, Less Frantic Process

Disappointed in What Interviews Reveal about Candidates for In-House Assignments? Maybe It’s Your Technique.

You’re Paying Your Outside Counsel Good Money. Make Sure You’re Getting Good Value in Return.

General Counsel Compensation Is on the Rise. Who’s Paying What to Whom?

General Counsel Succession Planning: Are You Prepared if Your GC Walks Tomorrow?

3 Key Recruiter Secrets for Evaluating Legal & Compliance Candidates

One Big Idea for Keeping Legal Spending in Check without Increasing Risk

Report: What All CEOs Should Know About GC Succession Planning

More Companies Prioritize General Counsel Succession Planning

What To Look For When Choosing a Legal Recruiting Firm

Hiring a Chief Compliance Officer: 3 First Steps Companies Forget

Legal Recruiting: 5 Questions You Can’t Forget to Ask

Hiring a Compliance Officer: Help Candidates Respond to Counter Offers

What the Syracuse Investigation Teaches Us About Compliance Management

Hiring General Counsel: 3 Unique Roles GCs Are Filling

Managing Compliance Risks: 4 Concerns Your Company Faces This Year

Legal Recruiting: 3 Unconventional Ways to Source Candidates

Compliance Recruitment: 4 Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

Succession Planning: What to Do When Surprised By a Resignation

5 Signs Your Corporate Counsel Will Leave in 2015

Compliance Recruiting Trends To Watch This Year

Law Department Metrics Your CEO Wants to See

3 Legal Recruiting Predictions For 2015

Evaluating Your Law Department: 5 Statistics All GCs Should Know

Building Your Law Department: Evaluating Employee Performance

The Differences Between Active and Passive Candidates

5 Behavioral Questions to Ask Legal and Compliance Candidates

Recruiting Corporate Counsel: Standing Out in a Changing Job Market

How to Attract In-house Counsel Candidates Who Aren’t Actively Looking

How to Recruit Your Next In-House Counsel

Top 100 Women Next In Line To Be General Counsel: Emily Jelich

GC Spotlight: Executive Leadership Lessons From Robert Masters

Women in Law: Paying it Forward in the Workplace

Top 100 Women Next In Line To Be General Counsel: Jennifer Hein

Top 100 Women Next In Line to Be General Counsel: Kathryn Simpson

3 Steps for Managing Compliance Risks on a Global Scale

4 Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Compliance

Managing Compliance Risks: 8 Questions to Consider Before Outsourcing

Managing Ethics at a Multinational Company

The New (Cyber) Frontier: The CCO’s Role in Managing Cybersecurity

More CCOs and CROs Set the Parameters for Risk Tolerance

The Walmart Bribery Saga: A Lesson In Risk Management

5 Things Candidates Reveal Without Saying a Word

Legal Recruiting: The Most Common Interviewing Mistakes

4 Benefits of Using Panel Interviews to Assess Legal Candidates

Recruiting General Counsel: 5 Essential Questions to Ask

Hiring Compliance Officers: 5 Things To Ask Every Candidate

Is Your Company Treating Its General Counsel As A Key Strategist?

How to Start Planning for Your Next Chief Compliance Officer

Hiring Chief Compliance Officers: 4 Search Parameters To Define

3 Traits Every Outstanding Chief Compliance Officer Has In Common

Succession Planning: 4 Ways to Plan Ahead to Hire General Counsel

Hiring General Counsel: Why You Need a Compliance-Minded GC

Hiring General Counsel: 4 Ways to Close the Deal

What Drives CCO Retention?

Taming the Legal Spending Behemoth

GCs Belong on Boards, Just Not Their Own

Recruiting General Counsel As A Crucial Legal and Business Partner

Compliance Recruitment: A New Breed of CCO for a New Era

The Rise of the Lawyer-Director

7 Steps to GC Succession Success

Recruiting and Retaining the Best Diversity GC Candidates

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