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BarkerGilmore Announces Increase in Diversity Placements

BarkerGilmore - January 13, 2014


BarkerGilmore, a New York-based executive search firm specializing in board member, general counsel and senior compliance officer assignments, celebrated industry-leading diversity placement rates in 2013. Last year, 47% of the firm’s placements were women and 26% were minorities.

BarkerGilmore has an unparalleled record for diversity recruitment. Over the past three years, 44% of the firm’s placements were women and 24% were minorities. This is an increase from the past three year statistic; from 2009 to 2012, the firm’s placements were 41% women and 23% minorities. The firm has been nationally recognized for its commitment to the consistent recruitment of diverse, high-quality candidates.

With the recent addition of diversity advocate Lori Garrett to the already-established Women and Diversity practice, BarkerGilmore plans to increase diversity placements even more in 2014. “BarkerGilmore is dedicated to helping its clients find the very best and brightest talent, which includes offering diverse slates of candidates with every assignment,” says Garrett, Managing Director and Co-Chair of the firm’s Women and Diversity practice.

“Over the past 25 years, we have made diversity recruitment a priority, setting us apart from our competitors,” says John Gilmore, Managing Partner of BarkerGilmore. “Our numbers are unmatched, and we are positioned to have an even greater impact on advancing diversity in the business and legal community while continuing to serve the needs of our clients in 2014.”

The firm partners with a number of organizations that advocate for more diversity in the boardroom, as well as in legal and compliance spaces. This and other information about the firm’s commitment to diversity may be found on BarkerGilmore’s website.

BarkerGilmore is the leading executive search firm focused on Corporate Board, General Counsel, and Compliance assignments. The firm has refined an approach that guarantees success. Audited metrics over the past three years demonstrate a 96% successful retention rate, 44% placement rate of women, 24% placement rate of minorities, and a 96-day average search completion rate. The highly-applauded boutique firm expects to match or improve these metrics in the upcoming year.