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Advisors for your biggest challenges,
and coaches to help leaders reach their
full potential.

From aspiring and sitting General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers to the CEOs and boards they support, there’s nothing like having someone who has encountered and mastered similar circumstances help guide you to success. That's how BarkerGilmore's Senior Advisors take advising and coaching to the next level.

BarkerGilmore has assembled a team of the nation's most distinguished former GCs and CCOs from the top companies in the world. These experienced leaders are passionate about helping others optimize their organizations and motivated to enable others to become trusted, strategic advisors. They know how to get to the root of the problem and enable your organization's legal and compliance departments to go from good to great.


An experienced GC or CCO who’s successfully navigated situations similar to those you face is one of the most valuable organizational assets you can leverage.

Our respected consultants offer powerful insights and guidance on a variety of subjects related to the running of legal and compliance departments and management of its people.
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The best leaders are those who recognize that they don’t possess all the answers, and understand that success often comes more quickly when armed with the insights and knowledge of others.

BarkerGilmore allows leaders to leverage the skills and experiences of proven professionals to enhance their own effectiveness.