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14 top mistakes made by new in-house counsel

Thomson Reuters - July 24, 2017


After reading and writing many articles on best practices for in-house counsel and compliance officers, I decided to look at development from a different angle. My father impressed upon me to learn from my mistakes, and from the mistakes of others.

This is the first of a multi-part article addressing the most common mistakes made by lawyers new to becoming in-house counsel — mistakes often made by seasoned in-house veterans, too — and ideal development action items.

The following insights and advice have been gathered over a number of years from clients and our own internal team; some are direct comments and some are summarized from discussions. I’m grateful for the hundreds of successful GCs in various industries around the country who were gracious to take time to provide such thorough and thoughtful responses regarding this important topic.

Following are top mistakes as witnessed by General Counsel nationwide: